My name is Thiago Santarém. I am a Brazilian designer currently living in Toronto, looking for new challenges and always going after beautiful and thoughtful design.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a pencil in my hand. I remember creating covers for my notebooks throughout middle school and I never understood what graphic design was until I was in high school, where I found out I could actually turn my passion into a job.

Originally from Brazil, I graduated in Advertising from the Catholic University in Brasília and during that time, I had the pleasure of working in advertising agencies and design studios. In 2013, I decided I needed more experience, so I moved to Canada to study Graphic Design and understand more about great design.

Today, I am pursuing more beauty in my work and I am as passionate as ever to create beautiful and thoughtful design. Whether on screens or print, my experience goes beyond the work and I am constantly looking for a new challenge. Throughout my career I've worked with brands like Bank of Brazil, TD Bank, Bell canada, Virgin Mobile, Kellogg's, KraftHeinz, P&G, Enbridge, GMC, Buick, Ikea, Smuckers and many others.

Along with design, I am passionate about several other things, and you can get a glimpse of my mind by taking a look at my 10 essential items.


My 10 essentials

1 - Takamine EG406S: the first guitar I bought with my own money. I've been playing for 16 years.

2 - When I am not designing, you can find me watching cooking videos or actually cooking. My favourite food: burgers.

3 - Music is a huge part of my life, along with coffee, that's what keeps me going. I currently have 6 pairs of headphones, and yes, I use all of them.

4 - Relaxing moments require an oil diffuser. These are my favourite scents: Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Orange.

5 - Notebooks/sketchbooks. Can't live without them. I always carry at least two everywhere.

6 - I am a boxer in my spare time. Not professional, but I do have a mean left hook, if I say so myself.

7 - Coffee, coffee, coffee! Fuel of life. Don't live, can't live, won't live without it.

8 - My most precious collection. I have a ton of design books and I am always searching for new ones.

9 - My beloved 2011 Macbook Pro. Doesn't work. Needs replacement.

10 - My favourite pair of shoes. Adidas Gazelles. They squeak when I walk. It annoys everybody.


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+1 613 650 9603






SIDE PROJECTS (Coming September 2019)

Graphic Walrus (Comming soon)

Design For Clients (Coming soon)

The Happy Project (Name TBD/Coming Soon)

Stereoposters (Coming Soon)

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