Tower Bespoke

Brand identity designed for Tower Bespoke, a business operating in Toronto, creating beautifully hand crafted suits since 2013.

Services: Branding and retail packaging design

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With inspiration taken from British store signage and combining that look with the tailor’s heritage, the new Tower Bespoke word mark was designed. The looped W was created to be used as a standalone icon and as part of a system, echoing the pair of snippers used to cut the fabric and a loop, to symbolize the thread used in the hand-crafted suits.

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Taking into consideration the positioning in the Toronto market, Tower needed to stand out and catch customer’s eyes and in a sea of black-and-whites, the idea was to choose a brandable and striking colour to help identify the brand. As of that moment, yellow and charcoal were chosen to be the corporate colours.

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Using the yellow as a main colour and the charcoal grey, borrowed from the classic charcoal suit, the palette is complemented by the addition of gold foil, to create a premium look for suits worn by law firm and financial district employees.

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